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Seems like every year more and more lovely Saber related merchandise is released. In fact it is an exciting time to be a TYPE-MOON fan.  Frequent visitors of this site (or if you follow me on social media sites) know all too well I’m a Saber fanboy. Saber makes up good part of my figure collection even after I passed on quite a few nice Saber figures in the past (Good Smile Company’s figures of original Saber, Saber Alter, and the Saber Motored Cuirassier I particularly regret passing on).

Today will will take a brief look at the Casual version Saber Nendoroid, which was included with Hobby Japan’s Nendoroid Complete File book.  Nero will be assisting. So please enjoy the photos.

Preator. Don’t forget to inform the readers of a special surprise featuring their favorite Servant!

Really? What is special about it?

I believe you call it “cheesecake” if not mistaken.

Saber!? Are you serious!? You did a chee…

Do not make me repeat myself, Preator! Now continue the review!

Nendoroid Casual Wear Saber

Always liked Saber’s casual look.  Simple but somewhat refined too.  First face we have the cute smile, something don’t see often from Saber.

Nendoroid Casual Wear Saber

Saber’s said face. I call this her zombie face XD

See how she zones out? I think this is the face Saber gives Shirou when she is hungry XD

Nendoroid Casual Wear Saber

There’s the stern face Saber fans come to expect!  No doubt the face she gives Shirou when dinner isn’t ready yet =P

Nendoroid Casual Wear Saber

Casual Saber also comes with extra leg parts to recreate her sitting pose. Saber prefers to sit when she is eating.  Wish she came with an eyes closed face part to go with it.  Then she could be sleeping / mediating  XD

But good thing about Nendoroids is can switch face parts with other Nendos.  So just need to find such a face from another Nendo ^^

Nendoroid Casual Wear Saber

Nendo Saber Brigade!!

Have preorder in for the Saber Motored Cuirassier Nendoroid. Now if GSC would make a Saber Alter and Saber Extra (maybe even Saber Bride too).



Meal Together

Saber enjoys a bite to eat with Saber Lion. A well fed Saber is a happy Saber.

Saber Cheesecake

As promised Praetor, a cheesecake photo.

I don’t think that is what everyone had in mind.

I do not understand Praetor. Is that not “cheesecake” pictured?

I’ll explain it to you later ^^;

I see Master, our time draws to an end. For the best, I still require my bath.

Until next time!

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