Dollfie Dream Saber Extra

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DD Saber Extra

Last September mentioned Volks was releasing two special DD for the Type-Moon 10th Anniversary.  Saber Extra and Saber Alter V2.  After a long wait one of the lovely Sabers has arrived.  So allow to introduce you to the latest addition to my little DD troupe – Saber Extra, the stage awaits!!

DD Saber Extra

I had given up on idea of getting the “original” Saber mold but “summoning” Lily negated any ill feelings I had on not being able to obtain my unicorn.

The Type-Moon x Dollfie Dream project announcement was a curve ball for me, as I didn’t expect to see a re-release of original the Saber mold.  Plus this release was so close after the release of Saber Lily.  What was even more surprising was fact that including Saber Alter AND making it preorder item instead of lotto item.  This means that every order for them would be fulfilled.  Needless to say the response was overwhelming for the two Sabers.

All things considered, this was a blessing to me.  This release meant I would finally have a chance to obtain the Saber mold that got me into the Dollfie Dream hobby!!  As an added bonus I would also have a chance to get Saber Alter too!! ^o^

Plus after hours of playing Fate / Extra I grew fond of the spunky Servant.  She has a lot of fire!

 Are you the one who has summoned me?  Are you my Master?

DD Saber Extra

Saber’s default uniform / dress is simply amazing.  But I would recommend you pay close attention to the instructions on how to assemble her.  Pay special attention to the part that talks about how to attach her corset to the dress.  Volks gives you two options on how to do this.  I would go with the option where you take off her bust part.  I tried it the other way and ended up pulling out the flimsy stitch Volks used attaching the fastener.  Looked like it was two stitches holding it in place.  I say it was poor because compared to other stitching inside the corset, this was was not reinforced at all and thread was different.  Luckily I was able to repair it using my limited sewing ability and reinforced it just in case.  But I would suggest going with the bust removal option to be safe.

Now then, I shall ask you once more.

Answer me.  Are you my Master?

DD Saber Extra

Saber is absolutely wonderful.  I mean she is simply stunning.  I am so pleased to finally have her ToT  Sabers are certainly “the most outstanding” for a reason.  I give her high marks all around.

I see you have knowledge of what a Servant is.  More importantly, you recognize you summoned a superior Servant.

As the Saber class is best of the Servant classes, it is obvious I am a Saber.


All right, I give my blessing!

I will bestow upon you the honor of being my Master!

DD Saber Extra

Nero is certainly more….endowed…than the Saber I am use to ^///^;;

DD Saber Extra

What an excitable Master I have.

Why are you so flustered?

DD Saber Extra

Saber’s sword is amazing!!  The level of detail her Aestus Estus  possesses makes it work of art.  Certainly has some weight to it, amazed she was able to wield with little problem.

My blade is the ultimate instrument!  Even the Muses themselves bow before the sound that it makes.

DD Saber Extra

On another note – I know it has been a few months since my last blog update.  Another long hiatus on my part.  Many apologies.  Three months without anything new posted.  Part of that was had to put some major time in at work which left little time for taking photos or other things.  Of course not to say haven’t been “active” online though.  If you follow my Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, or Google+ know I have been anything but quiet ^^;  But now that things quieted down some at work I can start to get back into things and get back to doing the things I love.

It’s a trivial matter.  As long as you have me, we’ll keep going!


Despite your deficiencies as a blogger, the possibilities of what you may become are exciting.

T-T ……..

Tomorrow we will make another effort, and we’ll improve together little by little.

Plus I still have to introduce you to the other girls.

Dollfie Dream Saber Extra


uh oh…maybe it was too soon to mention the other ladies v.v

Omake Time

DD Saber Extra

Decided to do something different with Nero. I switched her to the DDS body with L bust from the DD3 body. I opted for Nero with DDS body because she is suppose to be of short stature in the Fate / Extra game. Just a small change and one that can’t really notice with her in her lovely default dress. Once Volks releases L bust option part for DDS, I’ll invest in one to see just how much of a difference DDS L bust and DD3 L bust. But until then L bust from the DD3 works well.

Saber Lily has the DD3 body now.  Notice that Nero is able to stand close to same height as Lily.  The armored boots give Nero some extra height.  This also explains why her lovely red dress doesn’t appear shorter.  If she wasn’t wearing those boots though it would be a different story.  And if I put Lily’s armored boots on the height difference would be noticeable too.

DD Saber Extra

Original Fate / EXTRA Visual Works illustration by Arco Wada


My interpretation of the source image in photo form.  Will say this, Saber’s dress is revealing and I love the back of it a lot!!

(Photographer’s note:  Saber let me take a photo of this side of her ^^;)


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  1. Congratulations on your Nero as well ^o^ She’s definitely a good reason to make another blog post ;) My Nero post was only the 2nd and last one in June ^^;; Here’s to both of us posting more :D

  2. Smithy says:

    Congrats! Good to see you finally got your Saber Extra/Nero. ^^
    She definitely is a cutie!

    Love the shots of her with the sword, nice lighting and very vivid colors.

  3. Archangeli says:

    Beautiful shots of your gorgeous Saber!! ♥

    I like how she looks on the DDS body – maybe that’s what I’ll switch her onto my spare DDS body for now and see how it goes.

    Is this your first DDIII body? The arms are very strong and sturdy and you can do a lot with them. ^__^”

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