figma Tekkaman Blade Preorder

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figma Tekkaman Blade preorder

Tekkaman Blade is one of those shows my youth that got me into anime.  My first exposure to the series was the poor dub called “Teknoman” here in the US.  Of course it wasn’t until a few years later that I was exposed to the unedited, original Japanese version.  And I have to say it only made me love the series more.  Excellent story, fantastic characters (and development in my book) , and stellar soundtrack made Tekkaman Blade one my favorite anime series of all time.

I think the following videos showcase all the things I loved about the series:

Brother vs Brother – All out fight to the death.  Also my favorite song of the series – Masquerade

A sister’s sacrifice – To buy D-Boy time, Miyuki faces Evil and the other Tekkamen and makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Takaya vs Shinya

figma Tekkaman Blade preorder

So when I saw the Wonder Festival pics of the Tekkaman Blade and Evil figmas I immediately knew I had to get my hands on them!  Eagerly awaited news of their release and Good Smile Company came through posting information about Blade on their website.  If you follow me on Twitter then you probably saw my excitement at the news ^^;

figma Tekkaman Blade preorder

Signature Tekkaman Blade stance.  Looks like he won’t have any problems standing without stand either.  Figure has excellent details.  Very nice.

figma Tekkaman Blade preorder

But the stand will come in handy for poses like this.  After all, with those thrusters on this back he is capable of combat while in flight.  Also nice to see that his lance can split into two like in the series.

figma Tekkaman Blade preorder

Blade’s lance is his signature weapon.  But he does possess an even more powerful weapon…

figma Tekkaman Blade preorder

The Voltekka!!  The fact that you can even recreate Blade firing his most powerful weapon is icing on the cake for this figure!

Here are all three of Blade Voltekka variations shown in the series (Normal, High Colt, and Blastor):

figma Tekkaman Blade preorder

If you are Tekkaman Blade fan, old school anime fan, or even just a fan of mecha I highly recommend picking up this preorder.  Check out the following retailers (or your retailer of choice if not listed here).

Hobby Search

Ami Ami


Hobby Link Japan

Hopefully Blade and Evil sell well enough that their Blastor Forms are also made.  And of course wouldn’t mind some of the other Tekkamen made, including the Sol-Tekkaman armor.

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  1. Shogo says:

    Haven’t seen this since the mid 90s. Use to love this show. Glad I wondered over here because I’ve been trying to remember the name of this show for years now. Thanks!

  2. webmaster says:

    Posted your article on my site!

    Hope more fans can purchase the model!

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