Moo Facebook Cards

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Moo Facebook Cards

Recently learned that MOO had a new card product – Facebook Cards.  They advertise the product as a way to take your Facebook Timeline offline.  Having previous experience with MOO, I decided to check out this new product for myself.  Of course, getting 50 free cards (do have to pay shipping) helped in the decision too!

Moo Facebook Cards

The cards feature the Cover Images from your Facebook profile / timeline.  It also pulls your profile photo and information to populate fields on card.  But you can edit the information to suit your taste. For instance, I didn’t want my phone number on these cards so I changed it to my Twitter address.

Moo Facebook Cards

On the back of the card it will pull a quote from your profile.  My Facebook profile contains many quotes, but the first one is the opening lyrics of “Through the Night” from the anime Outlaw Star.  I really like those lyrics.

Overall really like these cards.  Quality is good and the cards have a clean look.  Simple, elegant design that does exactly what MOO says: “Help show off your personality in the real world.”  I certainly recommend picking yourself up a 50 card pack while the promo is going.  It will set you back the shipping cost, but you will gain a nice networking tool.

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