Champagne Ribbon Beatrice

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Champagne Ribbon Beatrice

The lovely Beatrice is going to model for you today one of the dresses that arrived today via Volks USA.  The dress she is modeling is the Champagne Ribbon Dress that was recently released as part of their November Collection.  A very elegant dress for a very elegant lady.

Champagne Ribbon Beatrice

This outfit consists of a dress, short jacket, ribbon belt, and arm covers.

Champagne Ribbon Beatrice

Said it once before, but think it bares repeating.  Beato’s best feature has to be her eyes.  They are so vibrant and full of life.  Certainly nothing dull and lazy about them.

Champagne Ribbon Beatrice

This dress is designed for both M and L bust girls.  I think Beato looks fantastic in this dress.  Again think its because she does have an elegant look…and of course the shapely bust help too XD

Champagne Ribbon Beatrice

Expect to see more photos of Beato and this lovely dress in the future.

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Jon Smith


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  1. Smithy says:

    Lovely! That dress and its soft champagne/peach color palette looks fabulous on Beatrice.
    I especially like the first and last photos, terrific lighting, nice work.

  2. Ovada Bey says:

    Great photos, she’s so elegant! ^^ Keep ‘em coming~ :D

  3. Ayatsuji says:

    She looks gorgeous in that dress ^O^ !!

    do post more in future !!

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