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Last October a new girl joined the troupe.  It was also a bit of a unplanned addition, but the circumstances of recruiting her were unexpected and surprisingly favorable for me.  Alias it has been very hectic for me since September, and I just did not have the time to prepare a proper “entrance” for her.  But I couldn’t just be silent about her arrival either.  So I decided to do some teasers like the one above.  For this pic I decided to use the “twin” to Yoko’s multi-color wig.  This was two-fold ~ concealment of her identity and I didn’t feel her default was good for her “primary” style.

DD GD Teaser

Second of the teaser image I shared.  I used this shade of blue in these teaser pics as a play on the Blue Truth from the Umineko games.  It was a way to hint at her true identity without giving to much away.  Plus it seemed to work well with lighting of this photo and enhanced the contrast bit more.  Beatrice has a distinctive profile so I tried to conceal her face as best I could ^^;

DD GD Teaser

When Beatrice was first introduced I wasn’t able to pursue recruiting her.  But a second chance presented itself in October when Beatrice showed up on eBay for a price that was very close to her original price.  In fact, the price was unusual considering Beatrice was a limited release.  I wasn’t sure that I would be able to get her considering the buzz her auction was generating around the DD community.  I figured that even with low starting price, competing bids would quickly raise the price up.  Surprisingly there was not a lot of competition and I was able to secure her for a very favorable price.

Beatrice is the first DD I bought after market and I got a super deal because I secured her for close to her retail price, which in terms of aftermarket pricing is rare for a limited DD like Beatrice.

Dollfie Dream Beatrice

So after all of these months waiting, things finally calmed down enough to finally introduce Beatrice.  Originally I was going to call this post “Enter ~ Golden Dawn” but figured time for codename was done.

There are two things I really like about Beatrice.  First being her eyes.  I find them absolutely mesmerizing and such a lovely shade of blue.  Second is she has a mature, sultry look.

Dollfie Dream Beatrice

I happened to come across someone selling Beatrice’s school uniform on Deviant Art shortly after getting her.  I really liked the aesthetic of this uniform and seemed more practical than her long default dress.  Plus the price was very close to what it was originally sold for via Volks which was excellent.  When I recruit a DD, I also like to try and secure any alternative outfits that happen to go with them.  So I was thrilled was able to obtain Beatrice’s “Complete Form” by getting this outfit as well.

Dollfie Dream Beatrice

Aside from being extremely hectic, another reason I delayed revealing Beatrice was because I wanted to find a longer wig that was close to her default color.  Thankfully my comrade Motoko Yamamoto had this wig she was selling and have to say its a perfect fit for Beatrice.  Her default wig is very nice, but to me it is also a very “formal” style and after seeing owner photos I loved Beatrice with her hair down.

Dollfie Dream Beatrice

Another selling point of this uniform is Beatrice’s Zettai Ryouiki ^o^  Also liked the striped stockings.

Dollfie Dream Beatrice

Beatrice hair isn’t the only thing that is long, she has has some knee high boots.

Dollfie Dream Beatrice

Beatrice was also the first DD to come with the Shapely Large Bust.  Have to say it adds to her sultry, sexy look.

Volks recently added the Shapely L bust to their option parts, so if you like then please pick up one for your girl.

Dollfie Dream Beatrice

The plaid top if not part of the uniform but part of another outfit.  Would have preferred a solid black, think that would have complimented Beatrice more.  But still a nice set and works well with her bust.  May have to look into getting some nice lingerie for the girls in the future ^^;

Dollfie Dream Beatrice

Sexy picture time!  Bottom is part of the same outfit as the top.  The pipe came with Beatrice.  She enjoys an occasional smoke.

Dollfie Dream Beatrice

She’s absolutely gorgeous!! ^o^  Her eyes are just captivating to me.

Dollfie Dream Beatrice

Macro photography time.  Focus is the bow…but I am drawn more to the tummy.

Dollfie Dream Beatrice

Using macro photography for cleavage shot…again…

Beatrice’s bust is a very flattering feature ^^;

DD GD Teaser

When I speak the truth, I will use red.  Everything I speak in red is the truth.

Dollfie Dream Beatrice

Expect to see more of Beatrice very soon.  In fact, held back a few pics to share later.  She is a witch and some of those photos show her cruel side.  But for today only gonna see her softer side.  Beatrice is a very beautiful girl and I feel very fortunate to have her.  And I look forward to showing you more of her in the future.

Considered doing another group photo, but I have two more joining the troupe soon so figured be best to wait for their arrival.

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  1. chun says:

    haha! Your previous photos are such a tease :D Congrats on Beatrice, she’s a beauty :)

  2. Juu-Yuki says:

    She is so pretty. I love that blond wig that you put her in, suits her well.

  3. yamada25 says:

    Congrats on her! She’s lovely.

  4. Smithy says:

    Congrats on getting Beatrice, she’s a lovely DD with a great facial sculpt. ^^

    Adore some of the photos in there, especially the second teaser shot, the ‘blue’ photo as well as the second before last, ‘red’ photo, great work!

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